Danger bell for veterinarians; ChatGPT saved the life of a dog by diagnosing the disease correctly

While veterinarians were unable to diagnose a sick dog, ChatGPT AI was able to correctly diagnose the disease.

Chat GPT is a popular service based on artificial intelligence that has garnered a lot of attention since its public release last year and continues to amaze us. This chatbot also has the ability to write articles and perform a variety of other tasks.

According to a report from GizmoChina, the new version of ChatGPT, which uses the GPT-4 language model, was able to save the life of a dog by providing accurate information about the disease, even in a situation where veterinarians could not diagnose the disease properly.

A person named Copper on Twitter said his Border Collie dog was suffering from a tick-borne disease and was under treatment. The dog’s condition was improving thanks to the treatment until suddenly the symptoms worsened.

Copper said after a close examination, he realized that his dog’s gums had turned yellow and when he took his pet to a veterinary clinic, it became clear that the anemia had gotten worse. Cooper’s dog’s health condition worsened day by day, and despite performing various tests, veterinarians were unable to diagnose the reason.

Cooper explained his dog’s condition to GPT-4 and this artificial intelligence model responded that Cooper’s dog’s condition may be due to IMHA anemia. Cooper took this information to another veterinarian and after several tests, it was determined that ChatGPT was correct. With proper treatment, the situation improved and Cooper’s dog has now returned to almost normal conditions.

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