New Adobe AI introduced; coloring designs is as easy as drinking water.

Black Half-faced Artificial Intelligence Logo Adobe

The newest Adobe AI service can quickly color digital designs.

Adobe unveiled the third member of its Firefly family of tools, which are based on Artificial Intelligence technology at an online event. This exciting tool quickly applies various colorful designs to digital images.

According to Cnet report, Recolor Vectors tool enables you to upload vector graphic files such as logos, digital images, or mandalas. The Firefly service creates four different designs, each with a unique color combination, after receiving the file. Afterwards, you can adjust the colors to your taste with the new files.

Mandala Colored Design with Adobe Firefly Service / Adobe Firefly

Adobe is not the first company to introduce an AI-based generator tool, but the introduction of such tools is very important for this company because Adobe is among the world’s leading software service providers, with numerous professional users.

Adobe introduced its Firefly project about a month ago and has since made access to various Firefly tools possible for more users. To use Firefly’s experimental tools, you need to be on Adobe’s waiting list. The first two Firefly tools allow you to convert text to images and change text formats in new ways.

Adobe has announced that it will make the Recolor Vectors tool available to Firefly users in the coming weeks. Users can guide Recolor Vectors to provide the best color combination by providing sample images of various subjects such as cars, galaxies, butterflies, and neon lights. Recolor Vectors is compatible with Adobe Illustrator app.

Adobe says that the Firefly service is based on this company’s proprietary images and licensed content and that businesses should not be concerned about copyright infringement. Adobe has tried to prevent Firefly’s artificial intelligence from bias and generating problematic content on sexual and violent issues.

Adobe adds tens of thousands of people to the Firefly trial list daily and soon, everyone who has registered on the waiting list will have access to Firefly.

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