Microsoft has added support for Bluetooth LE to Windows 11

From now on, Windows 11 supports Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) to allow wireless devices to have longer battery life.

Windows 11 now supports Bluetooth LE, which is a relatively new audio standard that consumes less energy than the regular version of Bluetooth. Microsoft says the addition of Bluetooth LE to Windows 11 is the result of a business collaboration with Samsung and Intel.

Bluetooth LE, which arrived last year, uses the LC3 codec. Thanks to this codec, the sound can be simultaneously transmitted to multiple devices. LC3 includes significant improvements for hearing aids and allows them to consume much less energy during the day.

New languages in Windows 11 Live Captions feature

According to Verge report, Microsoft has announced that the next Windows 11 update will include support for 10 additional languages for the Live Captions feature. Live Captions is a feature that instantly converts audio content into text. The new languages include Chinese, French, and German, unfortunately, Persian is not listed.

Microsoft also announced an update to the Widget panel in Windows 11. The default view for this panel will be larger in size and will provide a separate section for pinned apps. The Widget panel will also feature a personalized feed created by Windows.

Windows can use the webcam on your device to detect your presence so that if you step away from your system, the device will lock. This feature sees a small change in the new Windows 11 update so that you can specify which apps have access to it.

In addition to these, Microsoft has updated the VPN icon to appear as a shield on the internet connection icon. Thanks to this change, you can easily tell if you are connected to a VPN or not.

The new features of Windows 11 will be available tomorrow as an update.

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