New security bug: Microsoft released an urgent update for Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft has released a new security update for Windows 10 and 11, which fixes one of the software bugs of these two operating systems.

Microsoft released a new security update late last Friday to address bugs in the Snipping Tool Windows 11 and Snip & Sketch Windows 10. These software bugs, which were previously seen on Google Pixel series phones, are called Acropalypse.

The Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch software bugs in Windows 11 and Windows 10 theoretically allowed hackers to reverse parts of an image that the user had cropped. Microsoft had released a new update for Insiders on Friday to address this issue in the Snipping Tool app for Windows 11.

Microsoft has declared the new security bug ‘low’ in criticality, as a hacker cannot easily take control of the device without performing a series of actions by the user himself. According to Neowin, in order for a hacker to exploit the security vulnerability, the user must take a screenshot, save it, modify the file (e.g. crop it), and then save the modified file in the same location.

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