Bill Gates Warning: Artificial Intelligence May Disobey Orders

Bill Gates with a suit and microphone

Bill Gates has mentioned the advantages and disadvantages that artificial intelligence brings about in a seven-page note regarding the beginning of the AI era.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the most famous people in the technology sector, has reacted to the transformations created by artificial intelligence. Gates, who was the richest person in the world for years, talked about the emerging technology of artificial intelligence and its benefits to people and industries in a seven-page note.

From Bill Gates’ point of view, artificial intelligence is advantageous in the fields of medical care, education, and assisting workers. Gates says he is aware of the risks brought about by artificial intelligence. From the point of view of the co-founder of Microsoft, artificial intelligence may decide to disobey instructions and create specific goals for itself.

At the beginning of his new note, Bill Gates compares recent advances of OpenAI team and famous chatbot ChatGPT with the first time he saw a GUI interface for personal computers up close in 1980. Gates says that he and his team caused the Windows operating system to dominate the world of personal computers by adding a GUI interface to it.

According to ExtremeTech, Bill Gates requested a version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT that can pass the AP Biology test. Gates expected it to take a year or more to develop this ChatGPT version, but after only a few months, the new ChatGPT was developed and managed to completely answer the test.

Bill Gates says after seeing the AP Biology test success of ChatGPT, he realized he is witnessing ‘the birth of the future of computing.’ Microsoft announced shortly after the public release of ChatGPT that it is investing $10 billion in OpenAI. This chatbot is now available on Bing and Edge browser.

Bill Gates compares AI technology to the age of microprocessor invention, smartphones, the internet, and personal computers.

According to Bill Gates, we will first see AI’s big impact on office work. AI appears as a versatile assistant for employees who are always available. AI can read your emails, identify the meetings you need to attend, and even read things you don’t want to waste your time reading.

Bill Gates says we’re moving towards an era where office work isn’t just about using a mouse and clicking, but involves typing requests into artificial intelligence to get it to perform various tasks. According to Bill Gates, companies can put artificial intelligence in the role of one of their managers who is always available and ready to answer any questions their employees have. This manager can attend company meetings and present various points.

Bill Gates believes that artificial intelligence brings many benefits to the healthcare and medical services sector, especially in poor countries. Artificial intelligence takes on redundant tasks such as registering insurance claims and allows medical staff to focus more on their patients than ever before.

Gates says that artificial intelligence may one day perform simpler triage tasks and provide people with health recommendations. Artificial intelligence then recommends whether or not patients should visit a specialist. According to Bill Gates, artificial intelligence can lead to new medical achievements, such as the design of new drugs, analysis of side effects, and determining the dose of each drug.

Bill Gates says that artificial intelligence will also be useful in the field of education. According to Gates, computers have not been able to transform the industry as he expected. Artificial intelligence can measure the level of understanding of various subjects by students, understand when they get bored, and suggest ideas to motivate them. Bill Gates says that learning educational topics will still require a teacher who can communicate with students. Artificial intelligence improves this communication but does not replace it.

Bill Gates says that as we prepare for the future with artificial intelligence, we must prepare for three things. First, we need to balance our fear of artificial intelligence with the benefits that this technology offers. Second, we need to make sure that artificial intelligence is not only for the wealthy and offers benefits to the poor as well. Bill Gates sees artificial intelligence as a fundamental pillar in the fight against inequality worldwide. Finally, we should not be concerned about the limitations of artificial intelligence because this technology is evolving very quickly.

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