Apple has changed its strategy; iOS 17 is coming with some exciting features.

iOS 17 logo on iPhone 14 Pro Max Apple

While it was anticipated that iOS 17 would not be a major update, a leaker reveals a change in Apple’s development strategy for this operating system.

Bloomberg reported exclusively that Apple has made changes to its strategy in developing iOS 17 and has added several new features to this operating system. Therefore, it is expected that iOS 17 will be a bigger update than previously predicted.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s leaker, said earlier this year that due to Apple’s special focus on the mixed reality headset, iOS 17 was not expected to undergo major changes, but Apple’s change in strategy has led to the development of this operating system in a different way.

Gurman specifically stated that iOS 17 was initially supposed to focus on bug fixes and performance improvements and not have any new significant features. Apple’s main hope was to prevent major problems from arising in iOS 17. iOS 16 is considered one of the most significant updates in iPhone operating system history but many of its features received after its public release and had relatively significant bugs.

Thanks to Apple’s program changes, iOS 17 with some new features is expected to arrive soon, but in any case, this operating system will not experience the same changes as iOS 16. Gurman says iOS 17 is expected to host features that Apple users have requested multiple times.

Apple is likely to unveil iOS 17 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). One of the most important changes in the new iOS is the provision of side-loading for applications.

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