The most stunning images captured with a Merdzhani that you won’t believe are unreal

Images taken with Midjourney 5

Midjurney V5 creates stunningly realistic images with the latest model of artificial intelligence image generator, impressively showing off its intelligence.

In the article Midjourney 5 AI, you have seen some of the most realistic unreal images created by the fifth version of Midjourney AI. In this shutter, we want to look at more of these images and talk about the artist who made them.

Before you see the pictures and before you have a chance to be scared, you should know that while midjourney v5 has generated all the pictures below, ultimately some of them have been slightly edited in Photoshop.

A black woman behind the window of a café

Julie Wieland is a graphic designer who has shared her amazing photographic creativity produced by Midjourney V5 with us.

Wieland says the latest version of Midjourney is incredibly surprising and terrifying at the same time. The images produced by the fifth version are beyond attractive. Midjourney’s ability to recreate intricate details and textures, such as realistic skin texture, facial features, and light and reflection on glass, is unparalleled. It’s also as if from now on we can see people with five pretty fingers on each hand.

This power doesn’t indicate the end of traditional photography, but rather a developed and new tool in the box of artists and photographers that can ignite new ideas and expand imagination beyond what was previously possible.

a couple behind a restaurant window
A girl with orange hair behind the window
A picture of a child
Fried potatoes with cheese
Portrait of a teenage girl in daylight
Donuts with syrup and honey
Old man behind cafe window
A girl behind the glass in the city
A bronze faced girl in light

We hope you enjoy watching this shoter. Be sure to visit Julie Wild’s Instagram page to see the professional works of this creative graphic designer.

What do you think of these images? With the fifth version of artificial intelligence Medjorani’s creations, how do you see the future?

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