Another competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, is likely to enter the field soon.

Vivo X Fold from front and back view

Vivo is one of the companies that intends to release the X Fold 2 foldable phone to compete with Galaxy Z Fold 5.

It seems that the foldable phone market is at its peak. Foldable displays were not a great dream until a few years ago; but Samsung opened the way for smartphones with foldable designs, and now many companies are preparing to release new foldable phones this year. Vivo is one of these companies and X Fold 2 may be released next month.

According to SamMobile, Vivo confirmed the name ‘X Fold 2’ through a new post on the social network Weibo and hinted at its introduction in April. The aforementioned company will disclose more details about X Fold 2 until next month.

Is a new competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold being built?

Samsung’s foldable phones are facing new competition from various brands. It is said that Vivo is preparing to release a foldable phone called X Flip and the same company is now preparing to release X Fold 2 foldable phone to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series.

It is unclear whether the Vivo X Fold 2 will be released outside of China. Some companies like Oppo are abandoning the European market, while others like Honor are preparing to enter the global market.

Regardless of availability, it is said that the Vivo X Fold 2 will at least beat the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in one aspect, as Vivo’s foldable phone will hit the market earlier than Samsung and will use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. On the other hand, Samsung will use an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 Future just as the Galaxy S23 series.

Other specifications of the Vivo X Fold 2 include 12GB of RAM, an 8.03-inch foldable display, a combination of 50 +10+50 Megapixel camera, and a 4,800 mAh battery with fast charging up to 120 watts. There is still no mention of the build quality or IP certification of Vivo’s foldable phone; but to date, there is almost no guarantee that Samsung’s Fold series will be superior in these areas.

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