Huawei has made progress in developing 14-nanometer chip production

Huawei Custom Chip Making

Huawei has made great advances, but still struggles with significant problems and requires several other advances in tool development.

Apparently, Huawei has made progress in automation tools for electronic design (EDA) for chips produced using 14-nanometer technology. This news comes from a speech by one of the senior managers of the Chinese tech giant.

According to Jo Zi Jun, the chairman of the board of directors of this company, Huawei will complete its tests on these tools this year. This speech was given in February and showed that Huawei has developed 78 tools related to chip hardware and software. This news comes as Huawei and other Chinese tech companies are looking to localize their supply chains.

Due to the threat of US sanctions, this Chinese brand is quickly moving towards more local suppliers. For those who don’t know, after the US designated Huawei as a threat to its national security, it had been separated from various important technologies such as its main chip supplier, TSMC. This essentially means that other companies may also face such sanctions at any moment, causing them to seek localization of their supply chain to prevent this issue.

In a recent speech, Joe added that the company will collaborate with local EDA companies to localize newer than 14-nanometer EDA tools. In simpler terms, chip design companies use EDA software to produce chip prototypes before mass production begins in manufacturing plants.

14-nanometer chips gave smart phones the power that several generations of smart phones available on the market today lagged behind; But this shows that Huawei is working on advancing semiconductor technology to reach global competitors.

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