Danger bell for programmers; AI code writer added to Windows 11

Close-up of Windows Terminal tool

Windows Terminal tool is now equipped with artificial intelligence to make coding easier in the latest update of Windows 11.

Microsoft says it is adding AI-powered chatbot service, GitHub Copilot Chat, to its Windows Terminal software. This is the latest example of Microsoft’s efforts to add AI to its services and products.

According to The Verge report, Microsoft’s new service not only suggests commands, particularly in the terminal, but also explains errors and enables developers to do a series of tasks.

The GitHub Copilot service is being added to Windows Terminal while GitHub hosted an AI assistant similar to ChatGPT a few months ago to make it easier for developers to write code and fix errors.

Microsoft introduced the Windows Terminal tool at the Build 2019 conference. The terminal was transformed into one of the most popular tools for developers in Windows 10 and eventually became the default command-line service in Windows 11 in 2022. So, if you open Command Prompt now, you’ll encounter the Windows Terminal window.

Microsoft has constantly added new features to Windows Terminal in recent years. The software now supports multiple tabs, has exciting colorful themes, offers customization and supports text and emoji rendering using graphics processor.

Microsoft says it is testing artificial intelligence GitHub Copilot with other developer tools such as WinDbg. WinDbg is usually used by developers to debug drivers, applications and even the Windows operating system itself. WinDbg is a popular tool for IT managers.

If you are looking to test artificial intelligence in Windows Terminal, you should join the GitHub Copilot Chat list.

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