Microsoft Bing chatbot hosted advertising

Microsoft Bing search engine on mobile

Microsoft has announced that Bing Chat will now include advertising texts in its responses.

As expected, Microsoft has finally added promotional content to Bing Chat. Yusuf Mehdi, a senior member of Microsoft, said in a statement that Bing ads will also be displayed in the chat section beyond the search results page.

In a statement from Microsoft, we read: ‘As the new Bing is in preview, the way ads are displayed may undergo some changes. We continue to explore new opportunities for advertising experiences and will share more details with you over time.’

According to The Verge report, Microsoft has started testing Bing ads. The company has been in talks with a number of advertising agencies for the past month. Bing chatbot ads are labeled with a colored Ad tag to let users know about them.

Microsoft has not yet said how much advertising Bing Chat’s volume is. Yusuf Mehdi says Microsoft intends to share advertising revenue with partners whose content has been used to answer Chatbot.

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