Former Google CEO: Artificial Intelligence Could Lead to Human Death

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt has raised interesting discussions about the artificial intelligence and its potential impact on humans.

Eric Schmidt served as CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011. Finally Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of the internet search giant, took over Schmidt’s place. However, the former CEO of this company participates in some board meetings and plays the role of an advisor.

Schmidt expressed concerning statements regarding artificial intelligence and the potential human future in the face of uncontrolled artificial intelligence at the Wall Street Journal meeting in London.

The former CEO of Google says: “In scenarios that are likely to happen soon, artificial intelligence systems can identify new types of zero-day vulnerabilities. Now, thinking about such a subject may seem a bit imaginative, but when such an event occurs, we must be prepared for it and be sure that evil-doers will not misuse artificial intelligence. ”

Schmidt concluded that artificial intelligence has a potential risk that can harm many people and even cause the death of some.

Androidauthority writes that when Schmidt was asked about controlling artificial intelligence, he said he does not believe in creating a new regulatory entity in the United States that specifically deals with artificial intelligence, although this solution could be useful in preventing the rapid growth of the technology. Schmidt did not offer a precise solution to the problem, but he explicitly stated that artificial intelligence must be stopped. He is concerned about the consequences of spreading false information, eliminating some jobs, and even bioengineering.

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