Samsung’s plans revealed: from canceling the production of Galaxy S23 FE to a folding phone equipped with two displays

Samsung folding phone at CES 2023

A leaker claims that Samsung will release a new foldable device this year, with two folds, while also mentioning the death of the Galaxy FE series phones. Samsung was one of the first companies to enter the foldable phone market, and today it dominates this market worldwide except for China. Multiple rumors have suggested that Samsung is working on a device that can be folded in multiple regions, but such a product has not yet been unveiled. An informant says that this new foldable device from Samsung is coming this year.

Samsung folding phone at CES 2023

In recent years, every folding device created by Samsung has only had one fold. The new Korean device is expected to have two folds and use three separate parts. Samsung displayed concept models of their new foldable phone at this year’s CES, but we don’t know any specific details about the device yet.

GSMArena reports that the leaker who mentioned the new Samsung foldable phone also stated that the Koreans have no plans to produce the Galaxy S23 FE.

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