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If you’ve just bought a new phone and are worried about how to charge it, stay tuned with filsouf to learn about the correct ways to charge a mobile phone.

We all rely on our mobile phones for various purposes such as communication, entertainment, navigation, and other tasks, but you might think every once in a while whether we’re charging our devices correctly and what impact it will have on their battery life.

Many people have misconceptions or bad habits about charging their phones, which can lead to rapid battery deterioration. In this article, we’ll share essential tips on how to properly charge your phone and extend its battery life.

1. Avoid overnight charging and 0-100 charge cycle

Charge your phone while sleeping

One of the most common mistakes people make is charging their phones from 0 to 100% every time they connect the charger. This is called a full cycle and can cause pressure on the battery and reduce its capacity in the long run. According to research on types of mobile batteries, Lithium-ion batteries will have a longer lifespan if they work within the range of 30% to 90% charge. Therefore, it is better to regularly charge your smartphone rather than allowing its battery to completely discharge.

Another mistake people make is leaving their phones connected to the charger from night till morning. This can cause unnecessary pressure on the battery, produce heat, and damage the battery cells. It is recommended that if you have to do this, try using a smart interface or an app that automatically stops charging when your phone reaches a certain level.

2. Use fast charging on time

As mentioned, many modern phones come with fast charging technologies that can quickly charge your battery if needed. However, these technologies also create more heat than regular charging, which can damage your battery in the long run.

We recommend using fast charging technologies minimally and only when the device is cool. For example, you can use fast charging when you’re in a rush, but avoid it when your device is already warm or when you’re inside your home.

3. Avoid doing heavy tasks while charging

Playing games while charging the phone

One of the things that can damage your battery is using your phone while charging. When you run heavy games, watch movies or do other heavy work while charging, you create two heat sources: one from the charger and the other from the processor. This can generate excessive heat and create different cycles on your battery, which reduces its lifespan.

Our suggestion is to avoid using your phone while it is charging unless you really have an urgent task to do. If you need to use your phone while charging, turn down the brightness of your screen and also close any non-essential programs.

4. Keep your phone away from cold or hot environments and objects while charging

As we said, temperature is one of the biggest factors that affects battery performance and lifespan. According to reports, lithium-ion batteries perform best at room temperature (around 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit). Extreme cold or hot temperatures can cause irreversible damage to your battery cells and significantly reduce their capacity. Therefore, you should keep your phone away from direct sunlight, heaters, stoves, freezers, car dashboards, and so on.

5. Do not trust any charger

High-quality chargers have internal circuitry that can prevent your mobile phone battery from being damaged to a great extent in the event of excessive voltage.

Heat is the biggest enemy of your battery. Some cheap chargers and cables even cause fires and irreparable damage. Saving costs is great, but try not to sacrifice the quality of the charger when buying it.

6. Be careful of power banks

Just like cheap chargers, cheap power banks can also damage your battery over time. Make sure that any power bank you use has a system in place to prevent overcharging. If not, you can still use it, but be careful to unplug it when your battery is almost full.

It’s best to avoid power banks with fast charging technology, unless they’re from a reputable brand. We previously mentioned that fast charging can send a lot of electricity to your phone and damage its battery. Ultimately, this high voltage can shorten the life of your battery.

7. Don’t install battery management apps

If you have installed even one battery management program on your phone, delete it quickly. Because these programs are always active in the background and monitor various behaviors of your phone, and instead of saving your battery and extending its life, they waste a lot of energy and put pressure on your phone’s battery.

Most of these applications have been developed to display various advertisements to users, and their slogan of maintaining the health of your battery is just a marketing and trick to install them.

8. Separating the protective case from the phone

Phone cases can be a great way to beautify your phone and increase its physical security. However, when it comes to charging, they can cause temperature-related problems. When your phone battery gets too hot, it can also damage the other components of your phone. To be safe, detach the case while charging, especially if you notice that your phone is getting hot during connection to electricity.

9. Don’t let your phone battery stay empty for too long

If you don’t plan on using your phone for a long time, it’s better to charge it halfway. Apple recommends that you turn on your phone every six months to keep the battery working and charge it up to 50 percent. Also, to prevent potential damage, if your phone battery is removable, try to keep it in a dry and cool place.

10. Turn on airplane mode while charging

So far, you have become familiar with the damages that occur to phones due to high temperature. Meanwhile, we should look for a way to cool our mobile phone, and turning on airplane mode is one of them.

When you turn on airplane mode, your phone automatically turns off all communication tools, reducing the volume of your phone’s tasks. By doing this, the phone is somewhat cooler and prevents damage to various parts. So, if possible, try to put the phone in airplane mode while charging to charge the phone faster and make it less hot.


We hope that by following these tips, you can extend the life of your mobile phone battery and not need to replace it for a long time. However, it is worth mentioning that you should not be afraid of replacing your phone’s battery. In fact, replacing a damaged battery can prevent other parts from wearing out. So when you realize that your phone’s battery is inflated or charged in less than a few minutes and quickly emptied, know that it’s time to buy a new battery.

Correctly charging your mobile phone is not only suitable for the performance of your device, but also a useful task for the environment and your wallet. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your phone’s battery and be more independent from buying a new phone.

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