The Galaxy S23 camera has received a very big update.

The March 2023 software update for Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series improves camera performance and adds new features to the gallery.

Samsung has released a major new update for the cameras of the Galaxy S23 family of phones. According to a post on the official South Korean technology giant forum, the company is improving several photography features and adding new functionalities to its flagship 2023 gallery app.

The camera improvements made to the Galaxy S23 series app are the second of March update available. This update, with the identification code S91xNKSU1AWC8 and a volume of 992.88 megabytes, has been released.

One of the most important changes to the latest camera update for the Galaxy S23 is the improvement of auto-focus speed and accuracy. Now you can take photos with these phones even when the focus is not set. While this change helps increase the speed of photo capture, it may result in blurred images in some cases. South Korea’s technology giant says users can change the camera settings to shoot as usual after the auto-focus process is complete.

Improvements to the camera app of the Galaxy S23 series also help stabilize Ultra Wide camera image and clarity in low-light conditions. In addition, some photography issues with these phones have been resolved. Here is a full list of the changes made to Samsung’s flagship 2023 phone cameras:

  • Improved Gallery program that allows you to delete recently registered and processed images.
  • The automatic focus algorithm has changed, so when you press the shutter button, the camera takes a photo even if the frame is out of focus or not fully adjusted. However, if you want the camera application to take a picture only after focusing completely, you can activate this feature through the Camera Assistant > Prioritize Focus Over Speed ON path.
  • The clarity has improved and the jitter effect during filming with the ultra-wide camera in low light conditions has been reduced by using the Super Steady mode. The camera application also displays an alert that based on it, Super Steady mode needs suitable ambient light for better image quality.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when using the rear camera in photographer mode, a green line appeared on the left side.
  • When the image resolution is set to Full HD at 60 frames per second and the automatic frame rate setting option is turned off when using the rear camera, the movie stabilization feature will perform better.
  • The band closing shape shown in medium and low ambient light and when using high resolution (50 or 200 megapixels) has been improved. The overall resolution in 50-megapixel and 200-megapixel modes has also been improved, and Samsung has solved the intermittent blurring problem by improving the optical image stabilization (OIS) performance.
  • Fixed a problem with image quality when the night mode is off.
  • Fixed a camera problem that prevented face detection from working after a video call ended with third-party applications.
  • Samsung has also improved the stability of the camera application when taking pictures of moving objects.

According to Androidauthority, the second major camera update for the Galaxy S23 series has now been released for South Korea users. However, it is expected that this update will soon be available in other countries around the world. In addition, it is possible that this update will be released as part of the April update, as we have now reached the end of March.

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