The new ChatGPT extension provides access for this artificial intelligence to the internet.

Information about the ChatGPT chatbot is limited to 2021, and this sometimes leads to strange answers.

OpenAI says it will release plugins for ChatGPT that add various features to this chatbot, and developers can also use them in their programs. These artificial intelligence extensions are currently in the experimental phase, but users can sign up for the waiting list to access them sooner than others.

According to TechSpot, one of the new ChatGPT plugins will provide the ability to formulate an appropriate response with access to the Internet. Since its initial release, the functionality of this chatbot has been criticized numerous times because it was trained based on data that was published until September 2021. Therefore, the OpenAI chatbot has difficulty answering current questions.

For example, if you ask ChatGPT about a person who recently passed away, it tells you that as far as it knows, he is still alive.

In addition, ChatGPT claims that it won the Turing Award in 2003 (instead of 2023) on another subject. Allowing this chatbot to access the internet will provide more accurate answers based on up-to-date information and generally be more reliable and practical.

In addition to accessing the internet, ChatGPT extensions allow developers to create interfaces for artificial intelligence so that people can interact with artificial intelligence through them. ‘Greg Brockman’, the CEO and co-founder of OpenAI, demonstrated how to search for the recipe to present the ingredients to ChatGPT.

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