Will iPhone 15 not support physical SIM card?

Informed sources say Apple will offer iPhones of the 15 series without a physical SIM card slot not only in the US market but also in Europe.

Apple has apparently decided to expand the strategy of removing the physical SIM card in the iPhone 15 family to the European market. Cupertino’s announced during the launch of the iPhone 14 that phones in this family only support eSIM in the US market.

According to AppleInsider, citing iGeneration, all four models of iPhone 15 in the French market will not have a physical SIM card. Apple does not release any special models of the iPhone in the French market, and the mobile phone that is offered in this country is dedicated to all of Europe; therefore, iPhone 15 will probably not have a physical SIM card in other European countries as well.

Building a mobile phone without a physical SIM card can cause some trouble for users, but it is an advantage for Apple because this company will have access to more space to add components to the iPhone. Furthermore, removing the SIM card slot also makes the iPhone more resistant to water penetration.

This is not the first time that insiders have referred to the removal of the physical SIM card from the iPhone 15. Apple will certainly equip all iPhones with an electronic SIM card over time, but not soon. In large markets like China, the iPhone still has two physical SIM cards.

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