Apple showcased a mixed reality headset to 100 senior managers at an exciting conference.


Apple has shown its mixed reality headset to 100 senior managers at a conference held at Apple Park over the past week, a source said.


According to Mark Gurman, a well-known Bloomberg leaker, Apple revealed its ‘mixed reality headset’ to its top 100 executives last week at a private ceremony held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Gurman says the ‘highly touted gathering’ shows that the unveiling of Apple’s headset is not far off.

As MacRumors reports, senior Apple executives have been seeing demonstrations of the company’s mixed reality headset each year since 2018, but recent demonstrations did not include the device itself and focused more on the progress the headset has made. Gurman says last week’s conference was more important than previous ones and had a lot of excitement.

Gurman says that while the unveiling of the headset is not far off, it will likely come with a few big issues. One of the biggest problems with Apple’s headset is its price, which comes in at around $3,000.

Another issue is that Apple’s mixed reality headset doesn’t have a big app to guarantee its sales. Apple’s mixed reality headset requires an external battery that needs to be replaced with a new battery about every two hours. Some who have worked with Apple’s headset have said it doesn’t give them a comfortable feeling. It is likely that Apple’s headset will initially be offered with limited multimedia content.

The problems under discussion have caused senior Apple managers to take a realistic look at the situation. According to Mark Gurman, Apple managers believe that the company’s mixed reality headset cannot initially cause much of a stir. Gurman says the headset in question will turn Apple into the leader in the mixed reality headset market in just a few months.

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