Google under controversy over rumors: Does the chatbot Bard use data from ChatGPT?

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Sources say that Google has used data from ChatGPT, the main rival of Bard, to train Bard.

Google Bard, the main rival of ChatGPT, has not had a successful start. Since Bard’s initial release, Google’s chatbot has always been in the news and its headlines continue. Sources say that Google is heavily focused on artificial intelligence to come out victorious in competition with ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing chatbots.

The Information news agency claims in an exclusive report that Google has tasked members of the DeepMind and Google Brain teams with developing new artificial intelligence services to defeat OpenAI in a new project called Gemini.

The Information also claims that Google has extracted data from the ChatGPT service from a website called ShareGPT to train the Bard chatbot. The Information says that one of Google’s AI researchers has taken a stand against the use of this data and has ultimately resigned.

Google, in a statement sent to The Verge, has strongly denied the claims of using information from ShareGPT or ChatGPT to train BART: “BART has not been trained on any data from ChatGPT or ShareGPT.”

According to a claim by the Infomation website, one of Google’s researchers named Jacob Deolyn quickly left the company and joined OpenAI after warning Google not to use ChatGPT data. Using this data violates OpenAI’s service rules and ultimately causes BART’s responses to be very similar to ChatGPT. A knowledgeable source told the Information that Google has stopped using ChatGPT data after Deolyn’s warnings.

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